Consonants /g/ versus /ŋ/, 65 pairs     [bagbang.html]

The /g/ sound is spelled with <g> or <gg>, while the /ŋ/ sound is spelled <ng> throughout.

The contrast is between a velar stop and a velar nasal continuant, both voiced, and can only occur medially or finally. It may cause listening problems for some learners.

The mean density value is 0.9%. The list makes 27 semantic distinctions, a loading of 42%.

bag bang
  bagged banged
  bagging banging
  bags bangs
brig bring
  brigs brings
bug bung
  bugged bunged
  bugging bunging
  bugs bungs
Doug dung
dug dung
fag fang
  fags fangs
gag gang
  gagged ganged
  gagging ganging
  gags gangs
hag hang
  hags hangs
hug hung
log long
  logged longed
  logging longing
  logs longs
lug lung
  lugs lungs
pig ping
  pigged pinged
  pigging pinging
  pigs pings
rag rang
rig ring
  rigged ringed
  rigging ringing
  rigs rings
rigger ringer
  riggers ringers
rug rung
  rugs rungs
sag sang
slag slang
slug slung
sprig spring
  sprigs springs
swig swing
  swigging swinging
  swigs swings
tag tang
  tags tangs
togs tongs
tug tongue 
  tugged tongued 
  tugging tonguing
  tugs tongues 
wag whang
  wagged whanged
  wagging whanging
  wags whangs
Whig wing
  Whigs wings
wig wing
  wigged winged
  wigging winging
  wigs wings

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, October 2010,
updated hiang Mai, May 2024