Vowels 3 and 15, /e/ versus /ɔɪ/    59 pairs      [bellboil.html]

The /e/ vowel is spelled <e>, <ea> in jealous and occcurs in the letter name L. The diphthong /ɔɪ/ is spelled with <oi> or <oy>.

This is a contrast bewteen a short front vowel and a back closing diphthong and is not a problem for learners.

The mean density is 1%. The pairs make 30 semantic contrasts, giving a loading of 51%.

anent anoint
bed buoyed
bell boil
  belled boiled
  belling boiling
  bells boils
belle boil  
chess choice
Delhi doily
dispel despoil 
  dispelled despoiled 
  dispelling despoiling 
  dispels despoils 
Ellie oily
Esther oyster
fell foil
  felled foiled
  felling foiling
  fells foils
gen join
  genned joined
  genning joining
  gens joins
gent joint
  gents joints
gently jointly
jealous joyless
  jealously joylessly
Jess Joyce
jest joist
  jests joists
ken coign
  kenned coined 
  kenning coining 
  kens coigns 
L oil
  L's oils
leads Lloyd's 
Len loin
lens loins
letter loiter
  lettered loitered
  lettering loitering
  letters loiters
messed moist
ness Neuss 
spell spoil
  spelled spoiled
  spelling spoiling
  spells spoils
  spelt spoilt
ted toyed
tel toil
tell toil
  telling toiling
  tells toils
teller toiler
  tellers toilers
vest voiced

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, January 2011
updated Chiang Mai, 2024