Vowels 9 and 15, /u/ versus /ɔɪ/    50 pairs      [booboy.html]

The /u/ vowel is usually spelled <oo>, <ew>, <u> and <o> in two. The /ɔɪ/ diphthong is spelled <oy> and <oi>.

This is a contrast between a long vowel and a diphthong, fairly close in starting positions. It is not a recognised problem for any group of learners.

The only taboo word pair is coon/coin or coon/coign.

Interesting pairs include:

allude alloyed
coolie coyly
looter loiter

The density figure is 6.38%. The set makes 24 semantic contrasts giving a loading of 48%.

allude alloyed 
boo boy	 
  boos boys
boo buoy 
  boos buoys
  booing buoying
  booed buoyed
booze boys
buhl boil 
clew cloy
  clewed cloyed
  clewing cloying
  clews cloys
coo coy
cool coil 
  cooled coiled 
  cooling coiling 
  cools coils 
coolie coyly
coon coign 
  coons coigns 
coon coin
  coons coins
coot quoit
  coots quoits
fool foil 
  fooled foiled 
  fooling foiling 
  fools foils 
gnus noise
Jew joy
  Jews joys
juice Joyce 
June join
  Junes joins
loon loin 
  loons loins 
looter loiter 
  looters loiters 
noose Neuss 
rue Roy 
sou soy
spool spoil 
  spools spoils 
too toy
two toy
  twos toys 
tool toil 
  tooled toiled 
  tooling toiling 
  tools toils 
true troy 

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, December 2009
updated Chiang Mai, 2024