Consonants /l/ versus /ʤ/, 226 pairs     [lobjob.html]

The /l/ sound is spelled with <l> or <ll>. The /ʤ/ sound is spelled with <j>, <dj> in djinn, <dge> or <ge>.

This is a contrast between a lateral continuant and an affricate, both voiced and both in the alveolar region of the mouth. In spite of the closeness it is not a problem.

The phrase Juicy Lucy can be applied pejoratively to a plump girl and in the USA is applied to a cheeseburger with the cheese melted inside the meat patty rather than on top. Other interesting pairs include:

ballad badgered
fillet fidget
lentil gentle
loonier junior
millet midget

The mean density value is 1.5%. The lists make 131 semantic distinctions, a loading of 58%.

ail age 
  ailed aged 
  ailing ageing 
allure adjure 
  allured adjured 
  allures adjures 
  alluring adjuring 
ballad badgered 
brill bridge 
cell sedge
choler codger
  cholers codgers
collar codger
  collars codgers
dole doge 
doll dodge 
  dolled dodged 
  dolling dodging 
dollar dodger 
  dollars dodgers 
dollies dodges 
Dolly dodgy
earl urge
elect eject 
  elected ejected 
  electing ejecting 
  elects ejects 
election ejection 
  elections ejections 
elector ejector 
  electors ejectors 
Ellie edgy
fall forge
  falling forging
fillet fidget 
  filleted fidgeted 
  filleting fidgeting 
  fillets fidgets 
frill fridge 
Gael gage
gale gage
gall gorge
  galled gorged
  galling gorging
Gaul gorge
Halle Hadji 
held hedged 
hell hedge 
kail cage 
L edge
lab jab
  labs jabs 
lack jack 
  lacked jacked 
  lacking jacking 
  lacks jacks 
lackey Jackie 
lade jade 
lag jag 
  lagged jagged 
  lagging jagging 
  lags jags 
lain Jane 
lake Jake 
  lakes jakes 
lam jam 
  lams jams
  lamming jamming
  lammed jammed
lamb jam
  lambed jammed 
  lambing jamming 
  lambs jambs 
lames James 
lane Jane
lard jarred 
larva Java 
laud jawed 
law jaw 
  laws jaws 
lawbreaker jawbreaker 
  lawbreakers jawbreakers 
lay J 
  lays J's 
lay jay
  lays jays 
lea G
leap jeep 
  leaps jeeps 
learned journeyed 
lee G
leer jeer 
  leered jeered 
  leering jeering 
  leers jeers 
Leicester jester
Leigh G 
Len gen
lend genned 
lender gender 
  lenders genders 
Lenny Jenny 
lens gens 
Lent gent
  Lents gents
lentil gentle 
less Jess 
lest jest 
let jet 
  let's jets 
  letting jetting 
Lib jib
lieu Jew 
Lilian Gillian 
Lille liege
lilt jilt 
  lilted jilted 
  lilting jilting 
  lilts jilts 
limb gym
  limbs gyms 
limb Jim
lingo jingo 
  lingoes jingoes 
links jinks 
list gist
  lists gists 
live jive 
  lives jives 
lo Joe 
loan Joan 
lob job 
  lobbed jobbed 
  lobbing jobbing 
  lobs jobs 
lobe Job 
  lobes Jobs 
log jog 
  logged jogged 
  logging jogging 
  logs jogs 
loin join 
  loins joins 
loll lodge 
  lolled lodged 
  lolling lodging 
lollies lodges 
lolly jolly 
  lollies jollies
loo Jew
  loos Jews
loon June
  loons Junes 
loonier junior 
loose juice 
  looses juices 
loot jute 
lor jaw
lord jawed
lore jaw
lose Jews
loss joss 
  losses josses 
lot jot 
  lots jots 
low Joe
Lucy juicy
ludo judo 
lug jug 
  lugged jugged 
  lugging jugging 
  lugs jugs 
lump jump 
  lumped jumped 
  lumping jumping 
  lumps jumps 
lumpy jumpy 
  lumpier jumpier 
  lumpiest jumpiest 
lurk jerk 
  lurked jerked 
  lurking jerking 
  lurks jerks 
lust just 
Lymm Jim 
Lynn djinn
Lynn gin
lynx jinx
  lynxes jinxes 
mainly mangy
Mali Margie
marl Marge 
mill midge 
millet midget 
null nudge 
pail page 	  
pale page
  paled paged 
  paling paging 
paler pager
pearl purge 
  pearled purged 
  pearling purging 
Polly podgy
rail rage 
  railed raged 
  railing raging 
rill ridge 
sail sage
sale sage
sell sedge
skirl scourge 
stale stage 
  staled staged 
  staling staging 
staler stager 
stool stooge 
wail wage 
  wailed waged 
  wailing waging 
weld wedged 
well wedge 
  welling wedging 
  welled wedged
whaler wager 
  whalers wagers 

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, December 2010
updated Chiang Mai, 2024