Consonants /p/ versus /ʤ/, 197 pairs     [parjar.html]

The spelling of /p/ is always <p> or <pp>. The /ʤ/ sound is normally <g> before <e> or <i>, <j> initially and in the word Hadji, <dg> medially, <dge> finally, and occurs in the letter name G.

The contrast is between a voiceless plosive and a voiced affricate, well separated in the mouth. There is little risk of confusion.

There is one taboo word pair in pee/gee.

Interesting pairs include:

copper codger
happy Hadji
paling gaoling
pissed gist
puncture juncture

The mean density value is 2.1%. The list makes 107 semantic distinctions, a loading of 54%.

ape age 
  aped aged
  aping ageing 
cap cadge 
  capped cadged
  capping cadging 
cape cage 
copper codger 
  coppers codgers 
dope doge 
Epping edging
gape gauge 
  gaping gauging 
gawp gorge
  gawping gorging
happy Hadji 
hep hedge 
kepi cagey 
  kepis cages 
leap liege
leper ledger 
  lepers ledgers 
lop lodge 
  lopped lodged
  lopping lodging 
map Madge 
P G 
  P's G's 
P gee
pa jar
pack jack 
  packed jacked 
  packing jacking 
  packs jacks 
packet jacket 
  packets jackets 
pact jacked
pah jar
paid jade 
pail gaol 
  pails gaols 
pain Jane 
pale gaol
  paled gaoled 
  paling gaoling 
  pales gaols
paler gaoler 
Pam jam
Pam jamb
pan Jan 
pane Jane
par jar 
  pars jars
parr jar
  parrs jars 
parse jars
pause jaws 
paw jaw 
  pawed jawed 
  pawing jawing 
  paws jaws
pax jacks
pay J
  pays J's 
pay jay 
  pays jays
pea G
  peas G's
pea gee
pease G's
pee G
  pees Gs
pee gee
peep jeep 
peeps jeeps 
peer jeer 
  peered jeered 
  peering jeering 
  peers jeers 
pen gen 
  penned genned 
  penning genning
  pens gens 
pennies jennies 
Penny Jenny 
pension gentian 
  pensions gentians 
perilled Gerald 
perk jerk 
  perked jerked 
  perking jerking 
  perks jerks 
perky jerky 
  perkier jerkier 
  perkiest jerkiest 
  perkily jerkily 
perkiness jerkiness 
perm germ 
  perms germs 
perry jerry 
pest jest 
  pests jests 
pester jester 
  pesters jesters 
pet jet 
  pets jets 
  petted jetted 
  petting jetting 
petty jetty 
pier jeer
  piers jeers
pig jig 
  pigged jigged 
  pigging jigging 
  pigs jigs 
piles Giles 
pill gill 
  pills gills
pillion Gillian 
pin gin
  pinned ginned
  pinning ginning
  pins gins
pin jinn 
  pins jinns
pinks jinks 
pinks jinx
pippin pidgin 
  pippins pidgins 
pissed gist
point joint 
  pointed jointed 
  pointing jointing 
  points joints 
poise joys 
poke joke 
  poked joked 
  pokes jokes 
  poking joking 
poker joker 
  pokers jokers 
polity jollity 
  polities jollities 
poly jolly
  polys jollies 
pone Joan 
pony Joanie 
pooh Jew 
pool joule
  pools joules 
poorer juror 
poorest jurist 
poppy podgy 
pore jaw
  pored jawed
  pores jaws
posh Josh
posses josses
pot jot 
  pots jots 
  potted jotted 
  potting jotting 
potter jotter 
  potters jotters 
pour jaw
  poured jawed
  pours jaws
pug jug 
  pugs jugs 
pump jump 
  pumped jumped 
  pumping jumping 
  pumps jumps 
puncture juncture 
  punctures junctures 
punk junk 
  punks junks 
punter junta
  punters juntas 
puppy pudgy 
putt jut 
  putts juts 
  putted jutted 
  putting jutting 
puttied jutted
rape rage 
  raped raged
  raping raging 
rep Reg 
repp Reg
rip ridge 
  ripping ridging 
seep siege
stoop stooge 
  stooping stooging
stop stodge 
stoup stooge

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, January 2010.