Consonants /p/ and /t/, 882 pairs     [pintin.html]

I have discarded the cases reported by the computer in which the sounds were matched twice, e.g. pop/tot, and those where they matched in several locations in the word, e.g. spot/stop, since these are not quite minimal.

There are no spelling problems, since /p/ is consistently spelled <p> or <pp> while /t/ is <t> or <tt>.

There is very little danger of confusion where the contrast is initial or medial, but much more when it is final in the word. There is, therefore, a slight danger of rude-word confusion in the case of ship/shit.

Interesting pairs include:

capering catering
chapel chattel
expensive extensive
paragon Tarragon
perky turkey
puma tumour

The density value is 4%. The list makes 437 semantic contrasts, a semantic loading of just under 50%.

apache attache
  apaches attaches
ape eight
  apes eights
append attend
  appended attended
  appending attending
  appends attends
aspen Aston
beep beat
  beeps beats
beep beet
  beeps beets
bleep bleat
  bleeping bleating
  bleeps bleats
blips blitz
burp Bert
cap cat
  caps cats
cape Kate
caper cater
  capered catered
  capering catering
  capers caters
carp cart
  carping carting
  carps carts
chap chat
  chaps chats
  chapping chatting
chapel chattel
  chapels chattels
cheap cheat
cheaper cheetah
cheep cheat
  cheeping cheating
  cheeps cheats
chip chit
  chips chits
clapper clatter
  clappers clatters
clasp classed
coop coot
  coops coots
cop cot
cope coat
  copes coats
  coping coating
  copings coatings
cope cote
  copes cotes
copper cottar
  coppers cottars
copper cotter
  coppers cotters
cops cots
copse cots
Corp caught
Corp court
corpse courts
couplet cutlet
  couplets cutlets
crape crate
crepe crate
cup cut
  cupping cutting
  cups cuts
cuppa cutter
  cuppas cutters
dep debt
disport distort
  disported distorted
  disporting distorting
  disports distorts
dope dote
  dopes dotes
  doping doting
dopey dhoti
expend extend
  expended extended
  expending extending
  expends extends
  expensive extensive
  expensively extensively
export extort
  exported extorted
  exporting extorting
  exports extorts
fillip fillet
  fillips fillets
flap flat
  flapper flatter
  flappers flatters
  flaps flats
flip flit
  flipping flitting
  flips flits
gap GATT
gape gait
  gapes gaits
gape gate
  gapes gates
  gaping gating
gawp ghat
  gawps ghats
grape grate
  grapes grates
grape great
grasp grassed
grip grit
  gripping gritting
  grips grits
grippe greet
  grippes greets
grope groat
  gropes groats
hap hat
  haps hats
harp hart
  harps harts
harp heart
  harps hearts
harpy hearty
heap heat
  heaping heating
  heaps heats
hip hit
  hips hits
hoop hoot
  hooping hooting
  hoops hoots
hop hot
  hopper hotter
  hopping hotting
  hops hots
kelp Celt
kepi Katie
kip kit
  kipping kitting
  kips kits
knap gnat
  knaps gnats
lap lat
leap lied
leopard lettered
leper letter
  lepers letters
lip lit
lisp list
  lisping listing
  lisps lists
loop loot
  looping looting
  loops loots
loop lute
  loops lutes
lop lot
  lops lots
map mat
  mapping matting
  maps mats
map matt
mope moat
  mopes moats
mope mote
  mopes motes
nap gnat
  naps gnats
nappy natty
neap neat
nip knit
  nipper knitter
  nippers knitters
  nipping knitting
  nips knits
nip nit
  nips nits
nope note
oppugn attune
 oppugned attuned
 oppugning attuning
 oppugns attunes
P's T's
P tea
  P's teas
P tee
  P's tees
P ti
P's tease
pa ta
pa tar
paced taste
pack tack
  packed tacked
  packing tacking
  packs tacks
packs tax
pah ta
pah tar
pail tail
  pails tails
pail tale
  pails tales
paint taint
  painted tainted
  painting tainting
  paints taints
pair tare
  pairs tares
pair tear
  pairing tearing
  pairs tears
pale tail
  paled tailed
  paling tailing
  pales tails
pale tale
  pales tales
paler tailor
pall tall
pallid tallied
pally tally
pamper tamper
  pampered tampered
  pampering tampering
  pampers tampers
pan tan
  panned tanned
  panning tanning
  pans tans
pang tang
  pangs tangs
panic tannic
pansy tansy
  pansies tansies
pap tap
pap pat
paper taper
  papered tapered
  papering tapering
  papers tapers
par ta
par tar
paragon tarragon
parcel tarsal
  parcels tarsals
pare tare
  pares tares
pare tear
  pares tears
  paring tearing
parr ta
parr tar
  parrs tars
parry tarry
  parried tarried
  parries tarries
  parrying tarrying
pars tars
parse tars
part tart
  parted tarted
  parting tarting
  partly tartly
  parts tarts
paste taste
  pasted tasted
  pastes tastes
  pastier tastier
  pastiest tastiest
  pasting tasting
  pasty tasty
Pat tat
pate tape
  pates tapes
pats taps
patted tatted
patter tatter
  pattered tattered
  patters tatters
  patting tatting
Patty tatty
Paul tall
  Paula taller
pauper porter
  paupers porters
pause tawse
  pauses tawses
pause tors
paw tor
  paws tors
paw tore
pawky talkie
pawl tall
pawn torn
paws tawse
pax tacks
pax tax
  paxes taxes
paxes taxis
pea T
  peas T's
pea tea
  peas teas
pea tee
  peas tees
pea ti
peach teach
  peaches teaches
  peaching teaching
peak teak
peal teal
  peals teals
pear tare
  pears tares
pear tear
  pears tears
peas tease
pease teas
pease tease
pease tees
pease T's
peck tec
  pecks tecs
peck tech
  pecks techs
pee T
  pees T's
pee tea
  pees teas
pee tee
  peed teed
  peeing teeing
  pees tees
pee ti
peek teak
peel teal
  peels teals
peep Pete
peep peat
peeper peter
  peepers peters
peer tear
  peerless tearless
  peers tears
peer tier
  peers tiers
pees tease
Peg teg
  pegs tegs
peke teak
pen ten
  pens tens
pence tense
pending tending
pennant tenant
  pennants tenants
penned tend
pennon tenon
  pennons tenons
pension tension
  pensions tensions
pep pet
  pepping petting
  peps pets
perk Turk
  perks Turks
perky turkey
perm term
  permed termed
  perming terming
  perms terms
perry Terry
Persian tertian
pest test
  pests tests
petered teetered
petering teetering
peters teeters
pewter tutor
Philip fillet
pi Thai
pi tie
pick tic
  picks tics
pick tick
  picker ticker
  pickers tickers
  picking ticking
  picks ticks
picket ticket
  picketed ticketed
  picketing ticketing
  pickets tickets
pickle tickle
  pickled tickled
  pickles tickles
  pickling tickling
pie Thai
  pies Thais
pie tie
  pied tied
  pies ties
pied tide
pier tear
  piers tears
pier tier
  piers tiers
pike tike
  pikes tikes
pile tile
  piled tiled
  piles tiles
  piling tiling
  piles tiles
pill till
  pills tills
pillage tillage
pillar tiller
  pillars tillers
pin tin
  pins tins
  pinned tinned
  pinning tinning
pine tine
  pined tined
  pines tines
ping ting
  pinged tinged
  pinging tinging
  pings tings
pinker tinker
pinny tinny
pip pit
pipe type
  piped typed
  piping typing
  pipes types
pip tip
  pipped tipped
  pipping pitting
pique teak
Pisa teaser
plop plot
  plopping plotting
  plops plots
poise toys
poke toque
  pokes toques
pole toll
  poled tolled
  poling tolling
  poles tolls
poled told
poll toll
  polled tolled
  polling tolling
  polls tolls
polled told
pom Tom
  pommy Tommy
pone tone
  pones tones
pony Tony
pooh to
pooh too
pooh two
pool tool
  pooled tooled
  pooling tooling
  pools tools
poop toot
  poops toots
poor tour
poor Tours
poorest tourist
pop top
  popped topped
  popping topping
  pops tops
pop pot
  popping potting
  pops pots
Pope tope
poppa potter
  poppas potters
poppa topper
  poppas toppers
poppy potty
  poppies potties
porch torch
  porches torches
pore tor
  pores tors
pore tore
pores tawse
pork talk
  porker talker
  porkers talkers
pork torque
porn torn
porous Taurus
port taught
porter tauter
portion torsion
portly tautly
pose toes
pose tows
posh tosh
poshes toshes
  posses tosses
post toast
  posted toasted
  poster toaster
  posters toasters
  posting toasting
  postmaster toastmaster
  postmasters toastmasters
  posts toasts
pot top
  pots tops
potted totted
potter totter
  pottered tottered
  pottering tottering
pottery tottery
pour tor
  pours tors
pour tore
pours tawse
pout tout
  pouted touted
  pouting touting
  pouts touts
power tower
  powered towered
  powering towering
  powers towers
praise trays
pram tram
  prams trams
prance trance
  prances trances
  prancing trancing
prate trait
pray tray
  prays trays
prayed trade
press tress
  presses tresses
prey tray
  preys trays
preyed trade
price trice
  priced triced
  prices trices
  pricing tricing
prick trick
  pricked tricked
  pricking tricking
  pricks tricks
prickle trickle
  prickled trickled
  prickles trickles
  prickling trickling
pride tried
prim trim
  primly trimly
  primmed trimmed
  primmer trimmer
  primmest trimmest
  primming trimming
  prims trims
prior trier
  priors triers
prise tries
privet trivet
prize tries
prod trod
produce traduce
  produced traduced
  producer traducer
  producers traducers
  produces traduces
  producing traducing
Prof trough
prole troll
  proles trolls
Pru true
prune Troon
pry try
  pried tried
  pries tries
  prying trying
pub tub
  pubs tubs
puck tuck
  pucks tucks
pucker tucker
  puckers tuckers
pucks tucks
puff tough
  puffs toughs
puffed tuft
puffy toughie
pug tug
  pugs tugs
pukka tucker
pule tulle
puma tumour
  pumas tumours
pun ton
  puns tons
pun tun
  puns tuns
Punic tunic
punning tonning
pup putt
  pups putts
puppy puttee
  puppies puttees
purred turd
purse terse
purser terser
putt tut
  putted tutted
  putting tutting
  putts tuts
pyre tire
  pyres tires
pyre tyre
  pyres tyres
pyx ticks
pyx tics
quip quit
  quipping quitting
  quips quits
rap rat
  rapping ratting
  raps rats
rape rate
  rapes rates
  raping rating
rapid ratted
reaper Rita
rep ret
  reps rets
report retort
  reported retorted
  reporting retorting
  reports retorts
reprieve retrieve
  reprieved retrieved
  reprieves retrieves
  reprieving retrieving
respiration restoration
  respirations restorations
rip writ
  rips writs
ripe right
  ripely rightly
  ripeness rightness
  ripest rightist
ripe rite
ripe wright
ripe write
  riper writer
Ripon written
ripple Writtle
rips writs
rope rote
rope wrote
sap sat
sapper satyr
  sappers satyrs
scoop scoot
  scooping scooting
  scoops scoots
seep seat
  seeping seating
  seeps seats
sepal settle
  sepals settles
sheep sheet
ship shit
  shipping shitting
  ships shits
shop shot
  shops shots
sip sit
  sipping sitting
  sips sits
skip skit
  skips skits
skipper skitter
  skippered skittered
  skippering skittering
  skippers skitters
slap slat
  slaps slats
sleep sleet
  sleepy sleety
  sleepier sleetier
  sleepiest sleetiest
  sleeping sleeting
  sleeps sleets
slip slit
  slipping slitting
  slips slits
slop slot
  slopping slotting
  slops slots
sop sot
  sops sots
soup suit
  souping suiting
  soups suits
spa star
  spas stars
spade staid
spade stayed
Spain stain
spake stake
spake steak
span Stan 
spank stank
spanned stand
spar star
  sparred starred
  sparring starring
  spars stars
spare stair
  spares stairs
spare stare
  spared stared
  sparing staring
  spares stares
spark stark
spate state
spates states
spay stay
  spayed stayed
  spaying staying
  spays stays
spayed staid
spear steer
  speared steered
  spearing steering
  spears steers
sped stead
speed steed
  speeds steeds
speller Stella
speller stellar
spew stew
  spewed stewed
  spewing stewing
  spews stews
spick stick
spill still
  spilled stilled
  spilling stilling
  spills stills
spilt stilt
Spode stowed
spoke stoke
  spokes stokes
spool stool
  spools stools
spore store
  spores stores
spout stout
  spouts stouts
sprain strain
  sprained strained
  spraining straining
  sprains strains
spray stray
  sprayed strayed
  spraying straying
  sprays strays
spring string
  springier stringier
  springiest stringiest
  springing stringing
  springs strings
  springy stringy
sprung strung
spud stud
  spuds studs
spun stun
spunk stunk
spur stir
  spurred stirred
  spurring stirring
  spurs stirs
spurn stern
  spurns sterns
sputter stutter
  sputtered stuttered
  sputtering stuttering
  sputters stutters
spy sty
  spies sties
spy stye
  spies styes
step stet
super suitor
 supers suitors
supple subtle
  suppler subtler 
  supplest subtlest 
swap swat
  swapping swatting
  swaps swats
swap swot
  swapping swotting
  swaps swots
sweep suite
  sweeps suites
sweep sweet
  sweeper sweeter
  sweeps sweets
swop swat
  swopping swatting
  swops swats
swop swot
  swopping swotting
  swops swots
tap tat
  tapping tatting
  taps tats
tip tit
tipple tittle
tips tits
top tot
tope tote
  topes totes
  toping toting
topper totter
  toppers totters
topping totting
tops tots
torpor tauter 
traipse traits
tripe trite
tup tut
  tups tuts
type tight
  types tights 
  typist tightest
unpainted untainted
upmost utmost
upper utter
  uppermost uttermost
  uppers utters
warp wart
  warps warts
water-power water-tower
weep wheat
whelp welt
  whelps welts
whip whit
whip wit
  whippier wittier
  whippiest wittiest
  whippy witty
  whips wits
whop watt
  whops watts
whoop hoot
  whooping hooting
  whoops hoots
whop watt
   whops watts
whop what
whop wot
whops what's
wipe white
  wiper whiter
  wipes whites
  wiping whiting
wipe wight
  wipes wights
wisp whist
wrap rat
  wrapper ratter
  wrappers ratters
  wrapping ratting
  wraps rats

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, January 2010