Consonants /d/ versus /ŋ/, 1,620 pairs     [ridring.html]

Almost all the entries in this very long list are the result of adding -ed or -ing inflections to verbs. The 48 that are not solely due to this are listed separately at the beginning. These mainly consist of monosyllables with the contrast finally, together with a few polysyllables where the /ɪd/ ending is adjectival rather than a verb inflection, such as wrethed/retching or rapid/wrapping, and there is one case where the pair arises from inflecting two different verbs, copied/copping. The only medial contrasts occur when a monosyllabic verb is inflected as in ridding/ringing.

The /d/ sound is spelled with <d>, <dd> or <de>, and the /ŋ/ sound is <ng> in all cases.

The contrast is between a voiced stop and a nasal continuant. They are well separated in the mouth, and it is not a problem for learners.

The only mildly taboo word pair is farted/farting.

The mean density value is unusually high at 11.5%. The shortened list makes 36 semantic distinctions, a loading of 75%. Including the long list makes the loading close to 100%.

aged ageing
bad bang
bud bung
  buds bungs
clad clang
Clwyd clewing
copied copping
dogged dogging
dud dung
fad fang
fads fangs
flood flung
gad gang
  gadding ganging
  gads gangs
gelid gelling
god gong
  gods gongs
had hang
jagged jagging
jellied gelling 
kid king
  kids kings
lid ling
limpid limping
livid living
lucid loosing 
lurid luring
pad pang
  pads pangs
prod prong
  prods prongs
ragged ragging
rapid rapping
rapid wrapping
  rapids wrappings
rid ring
  ridding ringing
  rids rings
rigid ridging 
rod wrong
  rods wrongs
sad sang
slid sling
sod song
  sods songs
Syd sing  
wretched retching 

Pairs which contrast an -ed inflection with an -ing inflection (1572):

abated abating
abbreviated abbreviating
abdicated abdicating
abducted abducting
abetted abetting
abided abiding
abominated abominating
aborted aborting
abounded abounding
abraded abrading
abrogated abrogating
absconded absconding
absented absenting
abstracted abstracting
abutted abutting
acceded acceding
accelerated accelerating
accented accenting
accentuated accentuating
accepted accepting
acclimated acclimating
accommodated accommodating
accorded according
accosted accosting
accounted accounting
accredited accrediting
accumulated accumulating
acquainted acquainting
acquitted acquitting
acted acting
activated activating
actuated actuating
adapted adapting
added adding
addicted addicting
adjudicated adjudicating
adjusted adjusting
admitted admitting
adopted adopting
adulterated adulterating
adumbrated adumbrating
adverted adverting
advocated advocating
aerated aerating
affected affecting
affiliated affiliating
afflicted afflicting
afforded affording
afforested afforesting
affronted affronting
agglomerated agglomerating
agglutinated agglutinating
aggravated aggravating
aggregated aggregating
agitated agitating
aided aiding
alerted alerting
alienated alienating
alighted alighting
alleviated alleviating
allocated allocating
allotted allotting
alluded alluding
alternated alternating
amalgamated amalgamating
ambuscaded ambuscading
ameliorated ameliorating
amended amending
amounted amounting
amputated amputating
animadverted animadverting
animated animating
annihilated annihilating
annotated annotating
annunciated annunciating
anointed anointing
antedated antedating
anticipated anticipating
appended appending
applauded applauding
appointed appointing
appreciated appreciating
apprehended apprehending
appropriated appropriating
approximated approximating
arbitrated arbitrating
arrested arresting
arrogated arrogating
articulated articulating
ascended ascending
asphalted asphalting
asphyxiated asphyxiating
aspirated aspirating
assassinated assassinating
assaulted assaulting
assented assenting
asserted asserting
asseverated asseverating
assimilated assimilating
assisted assisting
associated associating
astounded astounding
attempted attempting
attended attending
attenuated attenuating
attested attesting
attracted attracting
attributed attributing
audited auditing
augmented augmenting
authenticated authenticating
automated automating
averted averting
avoided avoiding
awaited awaiting
awarded awarding
backdated backdating
baited baiting
ballasted ballasting
balloted balloting
banded banding
bankrupted bankrupting
banqueted banqueting
banted banting
barricaded barricading
basted basting
batted batting
bayoneted bayoneting
bearded bearding
bedded bedding
befitted befitting
befriended befriending
beheaded beheading
bellied belling
bellylanded bellylanding
belted belting
bended bending
benefited benefiting
berated berating
bested besting
betided betiding
betted betting
bided biding
bifurcated bifurcating
billeted billeting
billiards billions
bisected bisecting
blackguarded blackguarding
black-leaded black-leading
blacklisted blacklisting
blanketed blanketing
blasted blasting
bleated bleating
blended blending
blessed blessing
blighted blighting
blinded blinding
blindfolded blindfolding
blockaded blockading
blooded blooding
blotted blotting
blunted blunting
blurted blurting
boarded boarding
boasted boasting
boated boating
boded boding
bolted bolting
bombarded bombarding
bonded bonding
boosted boosting
booted booting
bounded bounding
boycotted boycotting
bracketed bracketing
braided braiding
branded branding
breakfasted breakfasting
breasted breasting
broadcasted broadcasting
brocaded brocading
brooded brooding
bruited bruiting
bucketed bucketing
budded budding
budding bunging
budgeted budgeting
buffeted buffeting
bullshitted bullshitting
busted busting
butted butting
calculated calculating
calibrated calibrating
calumniated calumniating
canted canting
capitulated capitulating
captivated captivating
carded carding
carpeted carpeting
carted carting
cascaded cascading
castigated castigating
castrated castrating
catapulted catapulting
cavorted cavorting
ceded ceding
celebrated celebrating
cemented cementing
certificated certificating
chanted chanting
charted charting
chatted chatting
cheated cheating
checkmated checkmating
chided chiding
chlorinated chlorinating
circulated circulating
circumnavigated circumnavigating
circumvented circumventing
cited citing
closeted closeting
clotted clotting
clouded clouding
clouted clouting
coagulated coagulating
coasted coasting
coated coating
codded codding
coded coding
coexisted coexisting
cogitated cogitating
cohabited cohabiting
coincided coinciding
collaborated collaborating
collated collating
collected collecting
collided colliding
collocated collocating
combated combating
comforted comforting
commanded commanding
commemorated commemorating
commended commending
commentated commentating
commented commenting
commiserated commiserating
committed committing
communicated communicating
commuted commuting
compacted compacting
compensated compensating
competed competing
complemented complementing
completed completing
complicated complicating
complimented complimenting
comported comporting
composted composting
compounded compounding
comprehended comprehending
computed computing
conceded conceding
concentrated concentrating
concerted concerting
conciliated conciliating
concluded concluding
concocted concocting
concreted concreting
condescended condescending
conducted conducting
confabulated confabulating
confederated confederating
confided confiding
confiscated confiscating
conflicted conflicting
confounded confounding
confronted confronting
confuted confuting
conglomerated conglomerating
congratulated congratulating
congregated congregating
conjugated conjugating
connected connecting
connoted connoting
conscripted conscripting
consecrated consecrating
consented consenting
consisted consisting
consolidated consolidating
consorted consorting
constipated constipating
constituted constituting
constricted constricting
constructed constructing
consulted consulting
consummated consummating
contacted contacting
contaminated contaminating
contemplated contemplating
contended contending
contented contenting
contested contesting
contorted contorting
contracted contracting
contradicted contradicting
contrasted contrasting
contributed contributing
controverted controverting
converted converting
convicted convicting
cooperated cooperating
co-opted co-opting
coordinated coordinating
copied copping
copulated copulating
copyrighted copyrighting
corded cording
corrected correcting
correlated correlating
corresponded corresponding
corroborated corroborating
corroded corroding
corrugated corrugating
corrupted corrupting
coruscated coruscating
cosseted cosseting
costed costing
counted counting
counteracted counteracting
counterfeited counterfeiting
countermanded countermanding
counterplotted counterplotting
courted courting
covenanted covenanting
coveted coveting
crabbed crabbing
crash-landed crash-landing
crated crating
created creating
credited crediting
cremated cremating
crepitated crepitating
crested cresting
crooked crooking
crowded crowding
crusaded crusading
crusted crusting
cuckolded cuckolding
culminated culminating
cultivated cultivating
cursed cursing
darted darting
dated dating
daunted daunting
debated debating
debilitated debilitating
debited debiting
decanted decanting
decapitated decapitating
decelerated decelerating
decided deciding
decimated decimating
decoded decoding
decontaminated decontaminating
decorated decorating
dedicated dedicating
deducted deducting
de-escalated de-escalating
defaulted defaulting
defeated defeating
defecated defecating
defected defecting
defended defending
deflated deflating
deflected deflecting
defoliated defoliating
deforested deforesting
defrauded defrauding
defrosted defrosting
degenerated degenerating
degraded degrading
dehydrated dehydrating
dejected dejecting
delegated delegating
deleted deleting
deliberated deliberating
delighted delighting
delimitated delimitating
delimited delimiting
delineated delineating
deluded deluding
demanded demanding
demarcated demarcating
demisted demisting
demonstrated demonstrating
demoted demoting
denigrated denigrating
denominated denominating
denoted denoting
dented denting
denuded denuding
departed departing
depended depending
depicted depicting
depleted depleting
depopulated depopulating
deported deporting
deposited depositing
deprecated deprecating
depreciated depreciating
deputed deputing
derated derating
derestricted derestricting
derided deriding
derogated derogating
desalinated desalinating
desalted desalting
descanted descanting
descended descending
desecrated desecrating
desegregated desegregating
deserted deserting
desiccated desiccating
designated designating
desisted desisting
desolated desolating
detected detecting
deteriorated deteriorating
detested detesting
detonated detonating
detracted detracting
devaluated devaluating
devastated devastating
deviated deviating
devoted devoting
dictated dictating
dieted dieting
differentiated differentiating
diffracted diffracting
digested digesting
dilated dilating
diluted diluting
directed directing
disafforested disafforesting
disappointed disappointing
disappointedly disappointingly
disassociated disassociating
disbanded disbanding
disbudded disbudding
discarded discarding
discomfited discomfiting
discommoded discommoding
disconcerted disconcerting
disconnected disconnecting
discontented discontenting
discounted discounting
discredited discrediting
discriminated discriminating
disenchanted disenchanting
disforested disforesting
disgusted disgusting
disinfected disinfecting
disinfested disinfesting
disinherited disinheriting
disintegrated disintegrating
disjointed disjointing
dislocated dislocating
dismounted dismounting
disorientated disorientating
disoriented disorienting
dispirited dispiriting
disported disporting
disputed disputing
disquieted disquieting
disregarded disregarding
disrupted disrupting
dissected dissecting
disseminated disseminating
dissented dissenting
dissimulated dissimulating
dissipated dissipating
dissociated dissociating
dissuaded dissuading
distended distending
distorted distorting
distracted distracting
distributed distributing
distrusted distrusting
disunited disuniting
divagated divagating
diverted diverting
divested divesting
divided dividing
docketed docketing
documented documenting
dogged dogging
domesticated domesticating
dominated dominating
donated donating
doted doting
dotted dotting
doubted doubting
downgraded downgrading
drafted drafting
dratted dratting
dreaded dreading
drifted drifting
dumbfounded dumbfounding
duplicated duplicating
dusted dusting
dynamited dynamiting
edited editing
educated educating
effected effecting
ejaculated ejaculating
ejected ejecting
elaborated elaborating
elated elating
elected electing
electrocuted electrocuting
electroplated electroplating
elevated elevating
elicited eliciting
elided eliding
eliminated eliminating
elongated elongating
elucidated elucidating
eluded eluding
emaciated emaciating
emanated emanating
emancipated emancipating
emasculated emasculating
embedded embedding
emended emending
emigrated emigrating
emitted emitting
emulated emulating
enacted enacting
enchanted enchanting
encoded encoding
encrusted encrusting
ended ending
enervated enervating
enfolded enfolding
engrafted engrafting
enlisted enlisting
enshrouded enshrouding
entreated entreating
entrusted entrusting
enumerated enumerating
enunciated enunciating
equated equating
eradicated eradicating
erected erecting
eroded eroding
erupted erupting
escalated escalating
escorted escorting
estimated estimating
evacuated evacuating
evaded evading
evaluated evaluating
evaporated evaporating
evicted evicting
eviscerated eviscerating
exacerbated exacerbating
exacted exacting
exaggerated exaggerating
exalted exalting
exasperated exasperating
excavated excavating
exceeded exceeding
excepted excepting
excited exciting
excitedly excitingly
excluded excluding 
excogitated excogitating
excommunicated excommunicating
excoriated excoriating
excreted excreting
exculpated exculpating
execrated execrating
executed executing
exempted exempting
exerted exerting
exhausted exhausting
exhibited exhibiting
exhilarated exhilarating
exhorted exhorting
existed existing
exited exiting
exonerated exonerating
expanded expanding
expatiated expatiating
expatriated expatriating
expected expecting
expectorated expectorating
expedited expediting
expended expending
experimented experimenting
expiated expiating
explicated explicating
exploded exploding
exploited exploiting
exported exporting
expostulated expostulating
expounded expounding
expropriated expropriating
expurgated expurgating
extended extending
extenuated extenuating
exterminated exterminating
extirpated extirpating
extorted extorting
extracted extracting
extradited extraditing
extrapolated extrapolating
extricated extricating
extruded extruding
exuded exuding
exulted exulting
fêted fêting
fabricated fabricating
facilitated facilitating
faded fading
fainted fainting
farted farting
fascinated fascinating
fasted fasting
fatted fatting
faulted faulting
feasted feasting
featherbedded featherbedding
federated federating
felicitated felicitating
fended fending
fermented fermenting
ferreted ferreting
fidgeted fidgeting
fielded fielding
filleted filleting
filtrated filtrating
fitted fitting
fixated fixating
flabbergasted flabbergasting
flagellated flagellating
flaunted flaunting
flighted flighting
flirted flirting
flitted flitting
floated floating
flooded flooding
floodlighted floodlighting
flouted flouting
fluctuated fluctuating
fluoridated fluoridating
fluted fluting
foisted foisting
folded folding
fomented fomenting
footed footing
force-landed force-landing
forded fording
foreboded foreboding
forecasted forecasting
forfeited forfeiting
formulated formulating
fornicated fornicating
forwarded forwarding
founded founding
foxhunted foxhunting
fragmented fragmenting
freighted freighting
frequented frequenting
fretted fretting
frighted frighting
fronted fronting
frosted frosting
fruited fruiting
frustrated frustrating
fulminated fulminating
fumigated fumigating
funded funding
gadded gadding
gallivanted gallivanting
garlanded garlanding
garotted garotting
gated gating
gazetted gazetting
gelded gelding
generated generating
genuflected genuflecting
germinated germinating
gesticulated gesticulating
ghosted ghosting
gibbeted gibbeting
gifted gifting
gilded gilding
girded girding
glided gliding
glinted glinting
glissaded glissading
gloated gloating
globetrotted globetrotting
glutted glutting
goaded goading
graded grading
graduated graduating
grafted grafting
granted granting
granulated granulating
grated grating
gravitated gravitating
greeted greeting
gritted gritting
grounded grounding
grunted grunting
guarded guarding
guided guiding
gutted gutting
gyrated gyrating
habituated habituating
halted halting
handed handing
harvested harvesting
hated hating
haunted haunting
hazarded hazarding
headed heading
heated heating
heeded heeding
heralded heralding
herded herding
hesitated hesitating
hibernated hibernating
highlighted highlighting
hinted hinting
hoarded hoarding
hoisted hoisting
hooded hooding
hooted hooting
hosted hosting
hotfooted hotfooting
hotted hotting
hounded hounding
humiliated humiliating
hunted hunting
husbanded husbanding
hydrated hydrating
hyphenated hyphenating
hypothecated hypothecating
ice-skated ice-skating
ignited igniting
ill-treated ill-treating
illuminated illuminating
illustrated illustrating
imitated imitating
immigrated immigrating
immolated immolating
impacted impacting
imparted imparting
impeded impeding
impended impending
impersonated impersonating
implanted implanting
implemented implementing
implicated implicating
imported importing
impounded impounding
imprecated imprecating
impregnated impregnating
imprinted imprinting
imputed imputing
inactivated inactivating
inaugurated inaugurating
incapacitated incapacitating
incarcerated incarcerating
incarnated incarnating
incinerated incinerating
incited inciting
included including 
incommoded incommoding
incorporated incorporating
incriminated incriminating
incubated incubating
inculcated inculcating
inculpated inculpating
indented indenting
indicated indicating
indicted indicting
indoctrinated indoctrinating
inducted inducting
inebriated inebriating
infatuated infatuating
infected infecting
infested infesting
infiltrated infiltrating
inflated inflating
inflected inflecting
inflicted inflicting
infuriated infuriating
ingested ingesting
ingratiated ingratiating
inhabited inhabiting
inherited inheriting
inhibited inhibiting
initiated initiating
injected injecting
innovated innovating
inoculated inoculating
inseminated inseminating
inserted inserting
insinuated insinuating
insisted insisting
inspected inspecting
instigated instigating
instituted instituting
instructed instructing
insulated insulating
insulted insulting
integrated integrating
intended intending
interacted interacting
interceded interceding
intercepted intercepting
intercommunicated intercommunicating
interconnected interconnecting
interdicted interdicting
interested interesting
interjected interjecting
interlarded interlarding
interpellated interpellating
interpreted interpreting
interrelated interrelating
interrogated interrogating
interrupted interrupting
intersected intersecting
intimated intimating
intimidated intimidating
intoxicated intoxicating
introspected introspecting
introverted introverting
intruded intruding
intuited intuiting
inundated inundating
invaded invading
invalidated invalidating
invalided invaliding
invented inventing
inverted inverting
invested investing
investigated investigating
invigilated invigilating
invigorated invigorating
invited inviting
irradiated irradiating
irrigated irrigating
irritated irritating
isolated isolating
iterated iterating
jaunted jaunting
jested jesting
jetted jetting
jilted jilting
jointed jointing
jolted jolting
jotted jotting
jousted jousting
junketed junketing
jutted jutting
kidded kidding
kitted kitting
kneaded kneading
knighted knighting
knitted knitting
knotted knotting
lacerated lacerating
lambasted lambasting
lamented lamenting
laminated laminating
landed landing
larded larding
lasted lasting
lauded lauding
leaded leading
learned learning
legged legging
legislated legislating
levanted levanting
levitated levitating
liberated liberating
lifted lifting
lighted lighting
lilted lilting
limited limiting
liquidated liquidating
listed listing
litigated litigating
loaded loading
loads lodes
lobbied lobbing
located locating
lofted lofting
looted looting
lubricated lubricating
lusted lusting
luxuriated luxuriating
macerated macerating
malted malting
maltreated maltreating
mandated mandating
manifested manifesting
manifolded manifolding
manipulated manipulating
manumitted manumitting
marauded marauding
marinaded marinading
marinated marinating
marketed marketing
masqueraded masquerading
masterminded masterminding
masticated masticating
masturbated masturbating
mated mating
matriculated matriculating
matted matting
maturated maturating
mediated mediating
medicated medicating
meditated meditating
meeting meted
meliorated meliorating
melted melting
mended mending
menstruated menstruating
merited meriting
migrated migrating
militated militating
minded minding
minted minting
minuted minuting
misapprehended misapprehending
misappropriated misappropriating
miscalculated miscalculating
misconducted misconducting
miscounted miscounting
misdated misdating
misdirected misdirecting
misguided misguiding
misinterpreted misinterpreting
misprinted misprinting
misquoted misquoting
misrepresented misrepresenting
misstated misstating
misted misting
mistranslated mistranslating
mistrusted mistrusting
mitigated mitigating
moderated moderating
modulated modulating
molested molesting
mooted mooting
motivated motivating
moulded moulding
moulted moulting
mounted mounting
mudded mudding
mulcted mulcting
muted muting
mutilated mutilating
narrated narrating
nauseated nauseating
navigated navigating
necessitated necessitating
negated negating
neglected neglecting
negotiated negotiating
nested nesting
netted netting
nodded nodding
nominated nominating
noted noting
nutted nutting
obfuscated obfuscating
objected objecting
objurgated objurgating
obligated obligating
obliterated obliterating
obstructed obstructing
obtruded obtruding
obviated obviating
offended offending
officiated officiating
omitted omitting
operated operating
opted opting
orated orating
orbited orbiting
orchestrated orchestrating
orientated orientating
oriented orienting
originated originating
ornamented ornamenting
oscillated oscillating
ousted ousting
outed outing
outfitted outfitting
out-heroded out-heroding
outlasted outlasting
outpointed outpointing
outsmarted outsmarting
outvoted outvoting
outwitted outwitting
overacted overacting
overclouded overclouding
overcrowded overcrowding
overestimated overestimating
overexerted overexerting
overheated overheating
overloaded overloading
overprinted overprinting
overrated overrating
overstated overstating
oxygenated oxygenating
padded padding
painted painting
palisaded palisading
palliated palliating
pallid palling
palpitated palpitating
panted panting
parachuted parachuting
paraded parading
parted parting
participated participating
pasted pasting
patented patenting
patted patting
peculated peculating
pelted pelting
penetrated penetrating
perambulated perambulating
percolated percolating
perfected perfecting
perforated perforating
permeated permeating
permitted permitting
permuted permuting
perpetrated perpetrating
perpetuated perpetuating
persecuted persecuting
persisted persisting
personated personating
persuaded persuading
pervaded pervading
perverted perverting
petted petting
photostatted photostatting
picketed picketing
piloted piloting
pinpointed pinpointing
pirated pirating
pirouetted pirouetting
pitied pitting
pivoted pivoting
placarded placarding
placated placating
plaited plaiting
planted planting
plated plating
pleaded pleading
pleated pleating
plighted plighting
plodded plodding
plotted plotting
plummetted plummetting
pocketed pocketing
podded podding
pointed pointing
pollarded pollarding
pollinated pollinating
polluted polluting
pomaded pomading
poniarded poniarding
pontificated pontificating
populated populating
ported porting
portended portending
posited positing
postdated postdating
posted posting
postulated postulating
potted potting
pounded pounding
pouted pouting
prated prating
preceded preceding
precipitated precipitating
precluded precluding
predestinated predestinating
predicated predicating
predicted predicting
predigested predigesting
predominated predominating
pre-empted pre-empting
pre-existed pre-existing
prefabricated prefabricating
preheated preheating
preluded preluding
premeditated premeditating
preponderated preponderating
prerecorded prerecording
presented presenting
presided presiding
pretended pretending
prevaricated prevaricating
prevented preventing
prided priding
printed printing
probated probating
proceeded proceeding
procrastinated procrastinating
procreated procreating
prodded prodding
profited profiting
prognosticated prognosticating
prohibited prohibiting
projected projecting
proliferated proliferating
promenaded promenading
promoted promoting
prompted prompting
promulgated promulgating
propagated propagating
propitiated propitiating
propounded propounding
prosecuted prosecuting
prospected prospecting
prostituted prostituting
prostrated prostrating
protected protecting
protested protesting
protracted protracting
protruded protruding
provided providing
pullulated pullulating
pulsated pulsating
punctuated punctuating
punted punting
purported purporting
pussyfooted pussyfooting
putted putting
quadruplicated quadruplicating
queering queried
quested questing
quieted quieting
quilted quilting
quitted quitting
quoted quoting
rabbited rabbiting
racketed racketing
radiated radiating
rafted rafting
raided raiding
railroaded railroading
ranted ranting
rated rating
ratted ratting
reacted reacting
readjusted readjusting
readmitted readmitting
re-afforested re-afforesting
reanimated reanimating
reattributed reattributing
rebounded rebounding
rebutted rebutting
recanted recanting
recapitulated recapitulating
receded receding
receipted receipting
reciprocated reciprocating
recited reciting
recollected recollecting
recommended recommending
recommitted recommitting
reconsecrated reconsecrating
reconstructed reconstructing
reconvicted reconvicting
recorded recording
re-counted re-counting
recounted recounting
recreated recreating
recriminated recriminating
recruited recruiting
recuperated recuperating
redacted redacting
redecorated redecorating
redistributed redistributing
redounded redounding
reduplicated reduplicating
refitted refitting
reflated reflating
reflected reflecting
refloated refloating
reforested reforesting
refracted refracting
refrigerated refrigerating
refunded refunding
refuted refuting
regarded regarding
regenerated regenerating
regimented regimenting
regretted regretting
regulated regulating
regurgitated regurgitating
rehabilitated rehabilitating
reinstated reinstating
reintegrated reintegrating
reinterpreted reinterpreting
reiterated reiterating
rejected rejecting
rejuvenated rejuvenating
related relating
relegated relegating
relented relenting
relocated relocating
remanded remanding
reminded reminding
remitted remitting
remonstrated remonstrating
remoulded remoulding
remounted remounting
remunerated remunerating
renegaded renegading
renovated renovating
rented renting
reorientated reorientating
reoriented reorienting
repainted repainting
repatriated repatriating
repeated repeating
repented repenting
replanted replanting
repointed repointing
reported reporting
repotted repotting
reprehended reprehending
represented representing
represented representing
reprimanded reprimanding
reprinted reprinting
reprobated reprobating
repudiated repudiating
reputed reputing
requested requesting
requited requiting
rescinded rescinding
reseated reseating
reseeded reseeding
resented resenting
resided residing
resisted resisting
resonated resonating
resorted resorting
resounded resounding
respected respecting
respited respiting
responded responding
restarted restarting
restated restating
rested resting
restricted restricting
resulted resulting
resurrected resurrecting
resuscitated resuscitating
retaliated retaliating
retarded retarding
reticulated reticulating
retorted retorting
retracted retracting
retransmitted retransmitting
retreaded retreading
retreated retreating
retrograded retrograding
retted retting
reunited reuniting
reverberated reverberating
reverted reverting
revisited revisiting
revolted revolting
rewarded rewarding
reworded rewording
righted righting
rioted rioting
riposted riposting
riveted riveting
roasted roasting
rocketed rocketing
roosted roosting
rooted rooting
rotated rotating
rotted rotting
rounded rounding
routed routing
ruminated ruminating
rusted rusting
rusticated rusticating
rutted rutting
safeguarded safeguarding
salivated salivating
salted salting
saluted saluting
sandblasted sandblasting
sanded sanding
sated sating
satiated satiating
saturated saturating
scalded scalding
scanted scanting
scented scenting
scintillated scintillating
scolded scolding
scooted scooting
scouted scouting
scudded scudding
sculpted sculpting
seated seating
seceded seceding
secluded secluding
seconded seconding
seconded seconding
secreted secreting
sedated sedating
segmented segmenting
segregated segregating
selected selecting
separated separating
sequestrated sequestrating
serenaded serenading
shaded shading
shepherded shepherding
shielded shielding
shifted shifting
shitted shitting
shoplifted shoplifting
short-circuited short-circuiting
shorted shorting
shortlisted shortlisting
shouted shouting
shredded shredding
shrouded shrouding
shunted shunting
sided siding
sifted sifting
signposted signposting
silhouetted silhouetting
silted silting
simulated simulating
skated skating
skidded skidding
skirted skirting
skyrocketed skyrocketing
slanted slanting
slated slating
sleeted sleeting
slighted slighting
slotted slotting
smarted smarting
smelted smelting
smutted smutting
snorted snorting
sodded sodding
softlanded softlanding
solicited soliciting
somersaulted somersaulting
sooted sooting
sorted sorting
sounded sounding
spaded spading
spatted spatting
speculated speculating
speeded speeding
spirited spiriting
spirted spirting
spited spiting
sported sporting
spotlighted spotlighting
spotted spotting
spouted spouting
sprinted sprinting
sprouted sprouting
squatted squatting
squinted squinting
squirted squirting
stagnated stagnating
stalemated stalemating
stampeded stampeding
starboarded starboarding
started starting
stated stating
steam-heated steam-heating
stimulated stimulating
stinted stinting
stipulated stipulating
stockaded stockading
storeyed storing
stranded stranding
stridulated stridulating
strutted strutting
studded studding
stunted stunting
subcontracted subcontracting
subdivided subdividing
subedited subediting
subjected subjecting
subjugated subjugating
sublimated sublimating
submitted submitting
subordinated subordinating
subsided subsiding
subsisted subsisting
substantiated substantiating
substituted substituting
subtended subtending
subtracted subtracting
subverted subverting
succeeded succeeding
suffocated suffocating
suggested suggesting
suited suiting
superannuated superannuating
superintended superintending
superseded superseding
supplanted supplanting
supplemented supplementing
supplicated supplicating
supported supporting
suppurated suppurating
surfeited surfeiting
surmounted surmounting
surrounded surrounding
suspected suspecting
suspended suspending
swatted swatting
sweated sweating
syllabicated syllabicating
syncopated syncopating
syndicated syndicating
tabulated tabulating
tainted tainting
tarted tarting
tasted tasting
tatted tatting
taunted taunting
taxied taxing
tempted tempting
tenanted tenanting
tended tending
tergiversated tergiversating
terminated terminating
tested testing
thirsted thirsting
threaded threading
thudded thudding
thwarted thwarting
ticketed ticketing
tided tiding
tilted tilting
tinted tinting
titillated titillating
titivated titivating
toasted toasting
tolerated tolerating
tooted tooting
tormented tormenting
toted toting
totted totting
touted touting
traded trading
transacted transacting
transcended transcending
translated translating
transliterated transliterating
transmitted transmitting
transmuted transmuting
transplanted transplanting
transported transporting
treated treating
trended trending
triplicated triplicating
trisected trisecting
trotted trotting
trumpeted trumpeting
truncated truncating
trusted trusting
tutted tutting
tweeted tweeting
twisted twisting
twitted twitting
ulcerated ulcerating
ululated ululating
unbended unbending
unbolted unbolting
underacted underacting
underestimated underestimating
underquoted underquoting
underrated underrating
understated understating
undulated undulating
unfitted unfitting
unfolded unfolding
unhanded unhanding
uninterested uninteresting
uninvited uninviting
united uniting
unloaded unloading
unrewarded unrewarding
unseated unseating
unsuspected unsuspecting
upbraided upbraiding
updated updating
upgraded upgrading
uplifted uplifting
uprooted uprooting
urinated urinating
vacated vacating
vaccinated vaccinating
vacillated vacillating
validated validating
vaulted vaulting
vaunted vaunting
vegetated vegetating
vended vending
venerated venerating
vented venting
ventilated ventilating
vested vesting
vetted vetting
vibrated vibrating
vindicated vindicating
violated violating
visited visiting
vitiated vitiating
vituperated vituperating
vivisected vivisecting
vociferated vociferating
voided voiding
vomited vomiting
voted voting
wadded wadding
waded wading
wafted wafting
waited waiting
wanted wanting
warded warding
warranted warranting
wasted wasting
wedded wedding
weeded weeding
weekended weekending
welded welding
wended wending
wetted wetting
whinnied winning
wielded wielding
wilted wilting
winded winding
worded wording
worsted worsting
wounded wounding
yachted yachting
yielded yielding

John Higgins, Shaftesbury, March 2010.