Vowels 1 and 4, /i/ versus /æ/   391 pairs     [weekswax.html]

The /i/ vowel exhibits in this list its common spellings of <ee>, <ea> and <eCe>, along with unusual spellings in chic, Keith, kilo, keyless, Rheims and Sikh. The /æ/ vowel is usually <a> in a monosyllable or before two consonants, but this set also contains the spellings <aCe> in bade and <ai> in plaid.

These two vowels are sufficiently far apart in the mouth to be a problem for nobody.

Two of the potential rude word confusions are evident here, namely creep/crap and sheet/shat.

Interesting pairs include:
breezier brassière
diesels dazzles
greenery granary
keyless callous
seaman salmon
seedling saddling

The mean density is 4.5%. The 394 pairs make 216 semantic contrasts, giving a semantic loading of 55%.

beach batch
  beaches batches 
bead bad 
bead bade
beak back 
  beaks backs 
beaker backer 
  beakers backers 
bean ban
  beans bans
beans banns 
beast bast 
beat bat 
  beating batting 
  beats bats
beaten batten 
beater batter 
  beaters batters 
Bede bad
Bede bade  
beech batch
  beeches batches
been ban
beet bat
  beets bats
beetle battle 
  beetled battled 
  beetles battles 
  beetling battling 
beta batter
  betas batters
betel battle
  betels battles
bleak black 
  bleaker blacker 
  bleakest blackest 
breed brad
breeds brads
breezier brassi`ere
cedar sadder
cede sad
cheap chap 
cheat chat 
  cheated chatted 
  cheating chatting 
  cheats chats 
cheap chap
cheep chap
  cheeped chapped 
  cheeping chapping 
  cheeps chaps 
cheese Chas 
cheetah chatter
  cheetahs chatters
chic shack
clean clan
  cleans clans 
clique clack 
  cliques clacks 
creak crack
  creaked cracked
  creaking cracking
  creaks cracks
cream cram 
  creamed crammed 
  creaming cramming 
  creams crams 
crease crass
creek crack
  creeks cracks
creep crap 
  creeping crapping 
  creeps craps 
dean Dan
deed dad
  deeds dads
deem dam
  deeming damming
  deeming damming
  deems dams
deem damn
  deemed dammed
  deeming damming
  deems damns
deeper dapper
diesel dazzle
  diesels dazzles
dream drachm
  dreams drachms
dream dram
  dreams drams
ease as
eastern Aston 
Easter aster
  Easters asters
eat at 
eater attar 
edict addict 
  edicts addicts 
eel Al 
e'en Ann 
e'en an
eked act 
ekes ax 
Ely Ali 
Ely alley
E's as
Eve Ave 
feat fat
  feats fats
feed fad
  feeds fads
feet fat
fiend fanned
fleet flat
  fleetly flatly
  fleetness flatness
  fleets flats
  fleeter flatter
  fleetest flattest
geese gas
gene Jan
gleaned gland
grebe grab
  grebes grabs
greenery granary
G's jazz
greenery granary
heal Hal
heap hap
  heaped happed
  heaping happing
  heaps haps
heat hat
  heats hats
heater hatter
  heaters hatters
heath hath
heave have
  heaves haves
  heaving having
heed had
heel Hal
Jean Jan
keen can
  keened canned 
  keening canning 
  keens cans 
keen Cannes
keener canna
keep cap 
  keeping capping 
  keeps caps 
Keith Cath 
keyed cad 
keyless callous 
keyless callus
kilo callow 
leach latch
  leached latched
  leaches latches
  leaching latching
lead lad
  leads lads
leader ladder
  leaders ladders
league lag
  leagued lagged
  leagues lags
  leaguing lagging
leak lack
  leaked lacked
  leaking lacking
  leaks lacks
leaks lax
leaky lackey
leaned land
leap lap
  leaped lapped
  leaping lapping
  leaps laps
leaps lapse
lease lass
  leases lasses
leash lash
  leashes lashes
leave lav
  leaves lavs
leech latch
  leeches latches
Leeds lads
leek lack
  leeks lacks
leeks lax
Leix lash
lied lat
lieder ladder
litre latter
mead mad
mean man
  meanly manly
  meaning manning
  means mans
meaner manna
meaner manner
meaner manor
meat mat
  meats mats
meat matt
meed mad
meek mac
meet mat
  meeting matting
  meets mats
meet matt
mete mat
  meted matted
  metes mats
  meting matting
mete matt
meter matter
  meters matters
meeting matting
metre matter
  metres matters
mien man
  miens mans
neap knap
  neaps knaps
neap nap
  neaps naps
neat Nat
neat gnat
neater natter
overleap overlap
  overleaped overlapped
  overleaping overlapping
  overleaps overlaps
peach patch
  peached patched
  peaches patches
  peaching patching
peak pack
  peaked packed
  peaking packing
  peaks packs
peaked pact
peaks pax
peal pal
  peals pals
  pealed palled
  pealing palling
peat pat
peaty Patty
peed pad
peek pack
  peeked packed
  peeking packing
  peeks packs
peeked pact
peeks pax
peel pal
  peeled palled
  peeling palling
  peels pals
peeler pallor
peke pack
  pekes packs
pekes pax
Peking packing
penal panel
peep pap
Pete Pat
Peter patter
peter patter
  petered pattered
  petering pattering
  peters patters
pique pack
  piqued packed
  piques packs
  piquing packing
piqued pact
piques pax
plead plaid
  pleads plaids
pleat plait
  pleated plaited
  pleating plaiting
  pleats plaits
quiche cache
  quiches caches 
quiche cash
  quiches cashes
reach ratch
  reaches ratches
ream ram
  reams rams
reap rap
  reaped rapped
  reaping rapping
  reaps raps
reaped rapt
reap wrap
  reaping wrapping
  reaped wrapped
  reaps wraps
  reaper wrapper
  reapers wrappers
reek rack
  reeked racked
  reeking racking
  reeks racks
reek wrack
Rheims rams
Rita ratter
scenes sans
scream scram
  screamed scrammed
  screaming scramming
  screams scrams
screech scratch
  screeched scratched
  screeches scratches
  screeching scratching
seaman salmon
seam Sam
seaman salmon
seamen salmon
seamy Sammy
seat sat
seed sad
seedling saddling
seek sac
  seeks sacs
seeks sax
seek sack
  seeking sacking
  seeks sacks
seem Sam
seep sap
  seeped sapped
  seeping sapping
  seeps saps
semen salmon
sepia sappier
sheet shat
Sikh sac
  Sikhs sacs
Sikh sack
  Sikhs sacks
Sikhs sax
skeet scat
sleek slack
  sleeked slacked
  sleeker slacker
  sleekest slackest
  sleeking slacking
  sleekly slackly
  sleekness slackness
  sleeks slacks
sleep slap
  sleeping slapping
  sleeps slaps
sleet slat
  sleets slats
  sleeted slatted
sneak snack
  sneaks snacks
steamer stammer
  steamers stammers
teak tack
teat tat
  teats tats
teen tan
  teens tans
teeter tatter
  teetered tattered
  teeters tatters
Tina tanner
treed trad
weak whack
  weaker whacker
week whack
  weeks whacks
weeks wax 
wreak rack
  wreaked racked
  wreaks racks
  wreaking racking
wreak wrack
John Higgins, Shaftesbury, January 2011.